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Take full advantage of leads from mobile devices

A simple lead management system can help you manage leads in a revolutionary way. Leadtrekker is a sales lead management system that allows you to see exactly where your leads are coming from. The software is not only geared to track website traffic from computers but from mobile devices as well.

Social media marketing

Where the world of social media is growing and asserting its place in the broader world of digital marketing, to overlook the opportunity would be foolish. You may think that social media cannot prompt sales but it is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal; a lot of leads are generated from mobile devices– which go hand in hand with the social sphere.

Social media is an exceedingly powerful tool for brand building but it has evolved to play an important role in generating real-life sales. When used with a certain level of expertise it can be an efficient and affordable way to generate leads and make a larger profit. This breakthrough means nothing if you can’t track your social media marketing success.

By means of constant real-time interaction, social media makes businesses available; they can stay in contact with customers and clients. This interaction is priceless – it can make customers feel at ease knowing that if they require feedback it’s only a click away.

The most popular platforms for generating business-to-business leads are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (with Instagram hot on their heels). And with so many social media platforms you need to ask: what device do people usually use for social media activity? Nine times out of ten the answer is:their cell-phones.

Mobile-friendly websites

Leadtrekker allows you to track the leads generated from social media marketing and this marketing is becoming more and more successful. Leadtrekker can take all this information, including the information that comes from mobile devices, to ensure that no lead will never go unaddressed.

Tech Insider reveals that nearly twenty per cent of the time spent on the internet on desktops and mobile devices, across America,is on social platforms. This is astonishing. And it’s a major reason to upgrade your website and make it user-friendly on all devices.

Leadtrekker is built to help you track your leads so that you can change or tweak your social media marketing strategy accordingly. With Leadtrekker you can watch the Leads manifest from Facebook dreams to real-life sales. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.