No More Snoozing Away Your Sales Leads

Business is a lot like waking up in the morning: if you snooze, you lose. So often we miss out on minutes or even hours of productive time by hitting that snooze button, or by not having an alarm at all. Luckily for businesses in the modern age there are good lead management systems available to help you out with an effective sales lead alert tool.

What is a sales lead alert tool?

As its name implies, a sales lead alert tool lets you know when you have generated sales leads. A great example of this is Leadtrekker’s lead management system, which is integrated into your business’s website. Once you have it integrated it can go to work, and when your potential clients – the leads – submit their details and show interest in your business this tool will automatically capture these sales leads. Now that those leads are captured, your sales leads alert tool will automatically notify you that a new lead has been generated – and you can set this to notify you via SMS, email or both.

What are the benefits of using such a tool?

First and foremost, the primary benefit of using a sales lead alert tool is that it ensures that you will never miss sales leads again. Even if you happen to ignore the alerts, which can happen accidentally when you are preoccupied, the notification is still there, and your sales agents responsible for contacting leads will also receive the notification. No matter what you do, your integrated lead management system will always be on alert and ready to alert you.

Another benefit is the ability to automatically capture leads. Time is money, especially in business, and you naturally need to capitalise on the time earned with the sales lead alert tool. In the past this could have easily taken an hour or more of paperwork, sorting and filing to keep all leads organised, but now it happens instantly. As soon as they are generated you automatically capture leads. They go onto your lead management system, sorted by source and assigned to sales agents, with no time wasted.

What if you forget about a lead?

You get busy when doing business and things end up forgotten, it happens. But, with a good sales lead alert tool you won’t have to worry about forgetting your leads either. You will not only be alerted when leads are generated, but also when they have been left for too long without attention, when they are lost, and when they are converted – then you can honk a sales horn in the office to alert your team of their success.

Productive lead management requires a lot more than just a “wake up and go get ‘em” approach. It requires constant attention and professional service, because that’s what leads expect. Try out Leadtrekker’s free trial and see for yourself how effective it can be to automatically capture sales leads.

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